National Energy Transportation S.A.


Third Party Ship management is a highly professional activity especially when performed under the strict demanding guidelines set by the International Ship Managers Association.

The size and composition of a fleet managed by National Energy Transportation S.A. offers the owner the benefits of a very competitive buying power for spares, stores and services. The owner is free to concentrate on fixing his ships in today's competitive markets knowing that National Energy Transportation S.A. agreed budgets for daily running costs are adhered to. NET’s staff have previously served with ship building, repairing, owning and management companies of high repute.

Their skills comprise technical know-how, allied with commercial awareness of the trades that our client's ships are engaged in. NET has the skills to operate any type of ship from bulk carriers to steam turbine tankers and reefers to highly sophisticated container ships. A particular degree of specialization has been achieved on chemical tankers.

NET also makes efficient use of powerful computer-based applications. Mostly adapted in-house to our needs, forming a part of our service to clients providing continuous monitoring and instantaneous reporting on vessel's costs and condition.

NET provides owners, financial Institutions, underwriters and Statutory Organizations with professional representation outside of their own resources. The company thus invests upon the considerable shipping knowledge accumulated by the National Energy Transportation S.A.

NET executes work as non-exclusive supervisors. For example, other clients include international insurance groups. The company regularly carries out pre-purchase condition surveys and an additional service offered is asset auditing and monitoring the condition of ships for those parties who are financially involved in them, either on a regular or incidental basis. This practice follows long accepted international accounting standards in outside auditing.