National Energy Transportation S.A.


Professional Ship management is an industry strictly governed by ethical and commercial standards. However, over the past two decades the importance of this industry’s sector has grown considerably.

The company's rationale is to provide an extremely high standard of service in terms of crew selection and maintenance either home directed or outsourced. The vessels condition and performance are always commensurate with competitive operating costs. The company's total commitment and dedication to Quality Assurance, combined with our fully computerized experienced shore-based organization, as well as our many years of experience on practical and theoretical know-how provide an unbeatable professional combination.

National Energy Transportation S.A. activities encompass the following services:

  • Full & Crew management
  • Ship Finance
  • New building Contracting & Supervision
  • Chartering & Vessel Operations
  • Nautical & Technical Supervision
  • Fully computerised Plans
  • Preventive Maintenance System
  • Docking
  • All Class Matters
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Storing & Contracting
  • Complete Insurance Service for H & M., including claims handling, P & I, L.O.H., etc.
  • Fully computerised Accounting
  • Budgetary Planning & Control Marine Training at the company's own Marine Training program that offers specialized courses for oil, chemical and LNG/LPG tankers.
  • Flag Options
  • Registration of Vessels. Mortgages and Companies
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Financial Affairs from Freight Collection to Capital Funding.

Compliant with ever more stringent regulations, as well as a greater public awareness of our industry, National Energy Transportation S.A. continuously reviews all facets of its business, maintaining a flexible and adaptive approach which assures our clients of reliable, safe, environmentally protective and commercially sound operational practices both afloat and ashore. NET’s most valuable assets are its reputation and the loyalty of its clients.