National Energy Transportation S.A.


NET has a constant strong culture of quality for the safety and protection of the environment. Whether we perform strategic functions ourselves or engage experts in the field, our primary concern is quality performance and safety for our crews and third parties. Protection of the environment is our key priority.

As a strategic managers, we feel that it is as much our responsibility as that of the vessel manager to verify that our vessels, partners and alliances are at all in compliance with the requirements of the ISM / ISO 9002 certification.

We believe that a safe and efficient strategic management depends on a healthy combination of commercial thinking, as well as the consideration of health and safety for our crews and environmental sensitivity.

Emergency Response

Preparedness in an emergency situation is one significant requirement of the ISM-Code. As strategic manager, NET ensures that the ship manager and any other related parties have well-tested emergency systems which are completely in compliance with the ISM code.